Big Data Success Stories

The “pie-in-the-sky” days of big data may be over, but the urgency for businesses to compete on analytics is stronger than ever. In fact, the percentage of organizations with big data projects in production is expected to triple within the next 18 months based on a recent study from Unisphere Research. The conversation around big data is shifting, from why to how. How can businesses harness the bits and bytes of data being captured inside and outside their enterprise to improve, empower and innovate? To learn about the key big data success stories today, download this special report.

 Table of contents include:

  • Eight Keys to Big Data Success by Joe McKendrick
  • Know Your Customer Modern Marketing Turns Interactions to Big Opportunities by Oracle
  • One Database for Real-Time and Historical Data by MemSQL
  • MarkLogic Customers Re-Imagine Their Data to Innovate and Grow Their Businesses by MarkLogic
  • Data That’s Offline-First Is Always On by IBM Cloudant

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