Building Data Products

Treat data like a product, not an afterthought. A new paradigm has emerged among forward-thinking data teams: treat your data like a product.

This may sound easy in theory, but it’s far from it! Product development processes have become incredibly sophisticated, with resources dedicated to reliability, adoption, feature roadmaps, and more.

While challenging, data products also present a massive opportunity for data teams to increase trust, measure value, and improve capacity. We’ll cover:

  • Creating SLAs
  • Assigning ownership
  • Documentation, discovery, and self-service
  • Governance and compliance
  • Developing data contracts
  • Certifying data sets
  • Assessing and demonstrating value with KPIs
  • DataOps and agile methodologies
  • External Data Products
  • And more!

Our guide will take you beyond the buzz and into the best practices deployed by some of today’s leading data professionals. Get your free copy today.

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