Calming the Storm with Cloud-Native Data Integration

In addition to data being more diverse, distributed, and dynamic, a growing number of organizational roles work with data daily to complete tasks, make decisions and affect business outcomes. This tide of users is increasing the demand for data consumption throughout organizations. The data must be accessible from anywhere people are working but controlled to ensure the data is being used by the right resource and for the right reason. 

Enter the cloud-native data warehouse to meet these demands, take advantage of cloud scale and elasticity, and reclaim control of data in the cloud. Cloud-native data, data lakes, and data warehouses require cloud-native data integration solutions that can also take advantage of cloud scalability and elasticity to help calm the storm.

Download this Technology Spotlight by Stewart Bond, Research Director of Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software at IDC, to learn about the benefits of cloud-native data integration, the trends surrounding it, and how Matillion is leading the way in cloud-native data integration to help calm the data storm.

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