DBTA Best Practices Series: Data Management in the Era of Big Data

BIG DATA, a well-used term defining the growing volume, variety, velocity, and value of information surging through organizations-has become more than a buzz phrase thrown about at conferences and in the trade press. Big Data is now seen as the core of enterprise growth strategies. Business leaders recognize the rewards of effectively capturing and building insights from Big Data, and see the greatest opportunities for Big Data in competing more effectively and growing business revenue streams. As the amount and variety of data grows, so do the skills required to capture, manage and analyze this data. This specialized issue of Best Practices from Oracle, Attunity, Couchbase, HiT Software Inc, Progress DataDirect, LexisNexis, Confio and Objectivity focus on a more formidable challenge: making Big Data valuable to the business. Complimentary from DBTA, Data Management in the Era of Big Data includes:

  • The Next Big Data Phase: Business Knowledge Expansion
  • Connecting Velocity to Value: Oracle Fast Data
  • Information Delivery: The Achilles' Heel of Big Data
  • Is a Document Data Model the Right Fit for Your Next App
  • Change Data Capture for Big Data
  • Big Data Demands Big Connectivity
  • For Big Data Processing and Analytics, HPCC Systems from LexisNexis Helps Uncover Opportunities, and Detect Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Ready for the End of Times (Not)? How DBAs Can Prepare for the Era of Big Data and No SQL
  • Managing Big Data Costs: What to Look for in Big Data Technologies


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