DBTA Thought Leadership Series: Managing Big Data: The Next Generation of Solutions

Listening to the pundits, you can be forgiven for thinking that the unstructured, “cloudified,” out-of-network data tsunami is poised to sweep through and shake enterprises out of their comfortable, relational worlds. But there’s more to the story than that. Enterprises still, and will likely continue to, rely on relational database systems as their transactional workhorses. These systems continue to evolve and adapt to today’s new data realities. Many relational database and data warehouse environments are opening to unstructured data, running in clouds, and supporting caches that enable real-time— or near real-time—decision making.

Table of Contents for this Thought Leadership Series Include

  • The Making of the Analytical Enterprise, 2014 Managing the Next Generation of Big Data Solutions by Joe McKendrick
  • Future-Proof Your Big Data Journey by Progress DataDirect
  • Fast Data: The Next Evolutionary Step in Big Data Analytics by By Jörg Bienert, Co-Founder and CTO, ParStream

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