DBTA Thought Leadership Series: The In-Memory Revolution: Smarter Data Management and Analysis

When asked recently about their top reasons for adopting new technologies, the readers of Database Trends and Applications all agreed: supporting new analytical use cases, improving flexibility, and improving performance are on the short list. To compete in our global economy, businesses need to empower their users with faster access to actionable information and a better overall picture of their operations and opportunities. At the forefront of this journey to create value from data is in-memory processing.

Download this special report to learn about the latest developments surrounding in-memory data management and analysis.

Table of ContentS:

  • 10 Ways In-Memory Databases are Helping Enterprises get Ahead by Joe McKendrick
  • HostBridge Redis® For Z/Os®: System Of Record Data At In-Memory Speed And Scale By HostBridge Technology
  • The In-Memory Revolution: Operational Data Management and Real-Time (Not Batch-Time) Analytics By VoltDB
  • In-Memory Driving New Revenue Streams For SAAS Vendors by GridGain
  • First Principles of Modern In-Memory Database Architectures by MemSQL

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