Data Sharing Marketplaces for Dummies

It’s no secret that to fuel data-driven decision-making your business needs exceptional insights. To create them, the right people need fast, easy access to trusted, quality data.

Unlock new insights in just a few clicks with a data sharing marketplace. Imagine being able to browse, select, and order your company’s data, and have it delivered directly to you in the right format when you need it.

“Data Sharing Marketplaces for Dummies” shows you how to easily share and access data from across your organization. You’ll learn:

  • What a data sharing marketplace is
  • Steps to setting up a successful marketplace
  • How to package trusted data for consumption
  • Ways to learn from data consumers

Download the eBook now to create business success and drive data democratization across your organization with a one-stop-shop for data self-service.

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