De-Risk Your Data Sharing

Data sharing is essential for any growth-oriented business, helping to maintain a competitive edge and deliver business value. By allowing teams to deploy data products, collaborate with internal and external partners, and monetize insights, data sharing drives business outcomes.

So why are so few organizations actually sharing data at scale?

In this bundle, we’ve gathered resources to help identify the largest blockers to secure data sharing and examine how your team can overcome them to unlock additional value. You’ll find:

  • The Top 5 Barriers to Data Sharing and How to Overcome Them: See what CDOs identify as the top five challenges preventing efficient internal and external data sharing.
  • Enforce Compliance & Audit Reports for Data Sharing in Snowflake: Learn how Immuta closes the gap between data use agreements and policy enforcement with Snowflake.
  • Advancing Lifesaving Pharmaceutical Research & Development with Immuta: Explore how one global pharmaceutical company leverages Immuta + Databricks to advance research through secure collaboration.
  • Redefining Data Sharing for Financial Services: Examine how the financial services industry is beginning to adopt practices that make data both more accessible and widely usable for various applications.

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