DevOps for the Database

When it comes to the database, some teams innovate faster, break things less, make more money, and have happier humans. What distinguishes high and low performers is DevOps. Most companies don’t include their databases in their DevOps practices. Applying DevOps culture and processes is just as helpful for the database as it is for the rest of the software development and delivery pipeline. Without DevOps, the database and/or the DBA become a critical bottleneck. With DevOps, teams enjoy all the benefits DevOps brings to other parts of their systems and processes: faster, better, and cheaper, pick all three.

This book isn’t just about companies adopting DevOps as a general concept, but specifically about applying it to their databases. Even among DevOps adopters, the database tends to be a stronghold of pre-DevOps culture and processes. Thus, it becomes what is often the biggest bottleneck and the biggest opportunity in many software teams. So, this book is about DevOps for the database, and why it’s different, hard, valuable… and doable!

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