Distributed Data Analytics: Strategic Advantage at the Edge

Gaining the advantage in the years to come means going to the edge. Businesses are discovering their future lies in the ability to leverage strategic edge analytics, now possible through the surge in compute intelligence closer to where data is created, leveraging volumes of data being generated through interactions with cameras, sensors, meters, smartphones, wearables, and more. In conjunction, processor, storage and networking capabilities to support local embedded analytics on these devices and across them through peer-to-peer interactions (on local or nearby mezzanine or gateway platforms) is also increasing.

This explosion of intelligence at the networks’ edge is often termed the Internet of Things (IoT). The value in the IoT revolution is much more than simply connecting devices and downloading data—it means unfolding systems into global networks connecting companies more intimately with customers, partners, employees, and other constituencies. Strategic edge analytics makes this a reality, without the complexity and latency seen with the centralized hub-and-spoke approaches seen thus far with IoT.

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