Eliminating Hive Query Chaos

Get Deep Insight into Query Execution and Database Performance

Enterprise customers report that queries are a significant portion of their analytics workloads, and the performance of these workloads is critical to their big data success. Inefficient queries can mean missed SLAs, negative impact on other users, and slow database resources.

In this webinar, Field Engineer Alex Pierce divulges how to get the 360° query view that you need as well as how to overcome the key issues customers face with queries in their deployments. Topics include:

  • Simplifying root cause analysis with visibility into delayed queries, most expensive queries, and queries that are wasting CPU and memory.
  • Improving query utilization and performance with database and infrastructure metrics.
  • Resolving problems faster through improved visibility and immediate feedback through real-time metrics.

Alex will demonstrate the new Pepperdata query performance management solution: Pepperdata Query Spotlight. Query Spotlight makes it easy to understand the detailed performance characteristics of query workloads, together with infrastructure-wide issues that impact these workloads. With this new functionality, operators and developers can tune query workloads, debug, and optimize for better performance and reduced costs, both in the cloud and on-premises.

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