From Database Clouds to Big Data 2013 IOUG Survey on Database Manageability

This special research report provides valuable information for database administrators, IT managers and decision makers who are concerned with meeting demand for database services in a world where both the number of requests as well as the associated data volumes are steadily climbing. The key findings include:

  • Business demand for database services, as well as the associated data volumes, is growing by 20% a year on average at organizations.
  • Episodes of unplanned downtime are trending upward at many enterprises, and only one quarter can tell if cross-tier components are affecting database performance.
  • The database as a service (DBaaS) delivery model has started to take root in IT, helping early adopters address agility and cost challenges of increasing database demand.
  • Close to two-fifths of enterprises either already have or are considering running database functions within a private cloud.

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