Greater Choice and Value for Advanced Analytics and AI (Cabot Research)

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to rapidly transform the economy and society. Applications of these fast-growing technologies enable organizations to predict and shape future outcomes, empower people to do higher value work, automate decisions, processes and experiences, and reimagine new business models.

However, most organizations are stuck in experimentation in silos. Industrializing AI throughout the enterprise is not easy. There are many deployment challenges associated with data, talent and trust especially as data volume, velocity and variety continue to explode.

To amplify the value of AI and make it pervasive, it is imperative that clients consider best practices and solutions that address these challenges holistically across several dimensions: Business, Process, Applications, Data and Infrastructure. Doing so provides clients extensive choice and flexibility to maximize the Total Value (Benefits –Costs) of Ownership (TVO) from their investments. This is the goal of the IBM + Cloudera strategic alliance.

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