How to Migrate From DataStax Enterprise to Instaclustr Managed Apache Cassandra®

There are a number of reasons you may be looking to migrate from DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to open source Apache Cassandra®.
Perhaps you want to cut costs or eliminate vendor lock-in, or you feel excited about participating in the vibrant open source
community. No matter your reason for making the change, we’re confident you’ll find Apache Cassandra to be a powerful replacement for DataStax Enterprise and that it will provide you with maximal value over the long term.

This document is a guide for migrating from DataStax Enterprise to Instaclustr Managed Cassandra. It’s intended for solutions
architects, engineers, IT Directors, or others on the front lines of planning and executing the migration. Throughout this material, we
will go over different considerations to bear in mind for planning an effective migration with zero downtime.

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