‘In Conversation’ by IDC : Leveraging Data and Cloud for Accelerated Business Results

How Endowus delivers real-time data at scale

Digital disruptors are proving that a cloud-native data strategy delivers faster business results and competitive advantage. Their cloud platforms can scale without compromise to easily support growing volumes of data, users, applications, and transactions.

Read this IDC publication ‘In Conversation’ by Clay Miller, Senior Executive Advisor at IDC, titled: “Leveraging Data and Cloud for Accelerated Business Results," to learn how a DataStax wealthtech customer, Endowus:

  • Creates an ecosystem for growth by embracing multi-cloud, microservices, and containers to maximize developer productivity
  • Builds an open data platform with a cloud-first approach to deliver breakthrough experiences, innovation, scale, and cost-effectiveness
  • Leverages a modern database technology to manage the volume and velocity of data at speed, and to enable faster time to insight

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