Modernizing your information architecture with AI: How an AI database can transform your organization with advanced workloads and intelligent data management

85% of enterprises view Artificial Intelligence as a strategic opportunity, recognizing its ability to turn data into real business value. Yet many don’t have a data foundation capable of rapidly analyzing data in a simple, efficient manner. With the recent explosion of data there needs to be a paradigm shift in how that data is managed and accessed to achieve competitive advantages. Databases must be both powered by AI for greater optimization and built to support AI application development.

Join 451 Researchers Matt Aslett, Research Vice President and IBM Fellow, Sam Lightstone as they explore the concept of an AI database and how it can be used to better unlock the value of your data. Topics covered during the webinar will include:

-How AI allows businesses to spend more time on innovation instead of administration
-How machine learning optimization helps you find and act on valuable insights faster
-How to build stronger AI applications, and get them in the hands of users more quickly
-How IBM can help modernize your information architecture with the Db2 family

AI isn’t the future; it’s how savvy organizations are carving out real business advantages in the present.

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