Reducing Costs with Cloud Modernization

Cloud modernization is hard for any company. Your success depends on your ability to simplify where possible and mitigate risks with a platform that covers all your data integration, governance and management needs.

Using the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud, you can automate processes to reduce modernization risks and enable capabilities to support evolving use cases—all while eliminating manual software upgrade expenses. By moving to the Informatica cloud, a multinational software company cut the time and cost associated with modernization by 70%. And, a healthcare insurance provider reduced operating costs by over 40%.

Download Nucleus Research’s report, Reducing Costs with Cloud Modernization, to prepare your company for cloud modernization success. You’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome challenges by clearly defining your cloud modernization project scope
  • Identify must-have platform features, including low ongoing maintenance and administrative costs
  • Successfully implement Informatica cloud data solutions across your data estate

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