Research report: Planning for rising multicloud and SaaS adoption

63% of companies are already using more than one cloud provider according to ISG’s new report which explores why multicloud IT is rapidly becoming the norm.

SaaS adoption is also rising with 90% of IT leaders suspecting most of their app portfolio will be delivered via a SaaS model by 2021.

In this landscape, a cloud entry framework (CEF) like the one described in ISG’s report can help seize opportunities and mitigate risks associated with a digital, multicloud transformation.

By reading the report, you’ll also discover why:

- 81% are using or piloting database services with the rest planning to in the future
- Only 5% have a formal decision framework to pick workloads to migrate to the cloud
- 93% say SaaS Total Cost of Ownership met their expectations

Prepare for the multicloud and SaaS future by learning how to build a comprehensive cloud entry framework (CEF) today.

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