Sync All of Your Agile Gears and Achieve Enterprise Business Agility

Over the past decade, teams and departments within organizations have adopted the Agile model—including principles, processes and tools. Data shows that Agile software development teams are bringing products to market 30-75% faster—certainly qualifying as game changing speed.

The good news is that if your organization has adopted agility principles for any teams and departments, you already have an important foundation to move forward with Enterprise Business Agility. Each of these Agile teams is like a gear, creating momentum within its function. Synchronizing these gears is necessary to propel the whole organization forward. This is the goal of Enterprise Business Agility.

Read this whitepaper to:

  • See two ways your organization can move team-based agility in a more strategic direction.
  • See examples from the 7 pillars of The Enterprise Agility Model that help organizations address problems
  • See why Enterprise Business Agility is often visualized as a journey map with gears—because all of these gears need to move together in order to achieve these bigger picture results.

Ready to synchronize your Agile gears? Get more details about overcoming obstacles and the journey to achieving enterprise business agility.

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