TDWI’s Insight Accelerator: Leveraging AI-Powered iPaaS for Augmented Business Process Automation

How Hyperautomation Accelerates Your Digital Transformation Success

Keeping pace with today’s dynamic business environment requires advanced analytics and a way to deliver consistent, multi-channel customer experiences.

The challenge is in finding a scalable way to connect, secure and automate your business processes within and across corporate boundaries. Unfortunately, application proliferation and widespread data distribution can slow you down.

Download TDWI’s Insight Accelerator, Leveraging AI-Powered iPaaS for Augmented Business Process Automation, to learn:

  • 5 reasons to augment and automate end-to-end business processes
  • The operational pain points that can complicate your automation efforts
  • How to establish the right infrastructure for hyperautomation
  • How AI-powered iPaaS technology simplifies business process automation efforts

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