The Future of Big Data: Hadoop, Spark and Beyond

Since its early beginnings as a project aimed at building a better web search engine for Yahoo — inspired by Google’s now-well-known MapReduce paper — Hadoop has grown to occupy the center of the big data marketplace. Right now, 20% of Database Trends and Applications subscribers are currently using or deploying Hadoop, and another 22% plan to do so within the next 2 years. Alongside this momentum is a growing ecosystem of Hadoop-related solutions, from open source projects such as Spark, Hive, and Drill, to commercial products offered on-premises and in the cloud. These next-generation technologies are solving real-world big data challenges today, including real-time data processing, interactive analysis, information integration, data governance and data security. Download this special report to learn more about the current technologies, use cases and best practices that are ushering in the next era of data management and analysis.

Table of Contents Include:

  • Seven Ways to Unleash the Power of Hadoop by Joe McKendrick
  • The Enterprise Data Hub in Financial Services Three Customer Case Studies by Cloudera and Intel
  • The Rise of Data Warehouses by MarkLogic
  • Real-Time Hadoop Keeps Getting More Real by MapR
  • The Key to Turning Hadoop Into an Enterprise-Grade Analytics Platform by Actian
  • Making Sense of Hadoop Data Lakes in a Big Data Architecture by Attunity
  • A New Blueprint of Innovation With IBM and Apache Spark by IBM

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