The Future of Successful Migration is Now

GoDaddy Automates Hadoop to AWS Migration with Zero Downtime

AWS and WANdisco show how GoDaddy easily automated their big data migration with zero business disruption—and how you can too.

Download this webinar to hear our speakers discuss:

  • Key drivers of large-scale data migrations—decreasing costs, reducing data management complexity, and maximizing the value of live data in multiple environments
  • Migration issues (batch processing, ongoing data scans, operation downtime and data integrity) and how WANdisco has solved these problems for always-on enterprises
  • GoDaddy’s modernization of their data platform using AWS native analytics tools such as Amazon EMR, which drove the need to migrate their Hadoop data
  • How manual approaches to migration don’t solve for today’s large-scale, dynamic data migration requirements including zero downtime
  • What the future of cloud migration and replication looks like, and how WANdisco can support one-way, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud management and optimization

Download to watch our speakers discuss the fact that low risk, high-reward cloud migration is available now—today!

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