The Total Economic Impact of the Nutanix Era

Managing traditional legacy databases often involves multiple solutions that are expensive, time consuming, and slow, with significant storage and compute requirements. These roadblocks often lead to IT inefficiencies, inconsistent performance, and a cumbersome and expensive database estate.

For this commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study, Forrester Consulting interviewed Nutanix Era customers to better understand how they eliminated these issues with Nutanix Era. These customers selected Nutanix Era because of it’s benefits, costs, and low risks. They also chose this management platform because it’s built on hyperconverged infrastructure and uses a scalable node structure to meet organizational needs while avoiding large upfront infrastructure costs. Era was also chosen for its on-premise yet cloud-like experience for managing several different types of databases.

Forrester found these quantified benefits and more for Nutanix Era:

  • Increased speed of database provisioning.
  • Decreased storage requirements for copies and backups by 60%.
  • Simpler database management reduces the need for DBA overtime by up to 50%.
  • Reduced costs related to administration tool sets and licenses.
  • Automated database patching and management avoids losses of over $35,000 per hour.

Download this study to get more ROI benefits of implementing Nutanix Era into your database environment.

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