Transform Your Data with Multicloud and AI Webinar

According to MIT Technology Review, less than 1% of all data is analyzed; however, to be successful in today’s competitive business environment, organizations must aim to make data-driven decisions that drive high value return. Modernizing an organization's information architecture for artificial intelligence (AI) and multicloud has become a business imperative. Cloud-based data management infused with AI capabilities enables businesses to predict and shape future outcomes by simplifying complex queries and discovering previously hidden insights.

Join IBM and industry analysts for a panel discussion on how to transform your data with AI and multicloud deployment options. AI not only gives you a smarter database, it optimizes how people work within your organization, automates decision-making, and enables new business models. And all of this can be accomplished on your cloud of choice.

In this webinar, you will learn:

-How the changing cloud landscape impacts data management
-How multicloud improves data accessibility and flexibility
-How to modernize data in the cloud with an AI powered database

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