Use No-Code Knowledge Graphs to Build an Enterprise Data Mesh

Download KgBase’s Vision Paper to learn how to build the ultimate enterprise knowledge system: a federated mesh of independently maintained no-code knowledge graphs.

KgBase - Create Knowledge Graphs Together

KgBase, or Knowledge Graph Base, is a collaborative, robust database with versioning, analytics & visualizations.

With KgBase, any community or individual can create knowledge graphs to build insights about their data. Import your CSVs and spreadsheets, or use our API to work on data together.

What are Knowledge Graphs?

A Knowledge Graph is a graph data structure consisting of entities and relationships between them. It’s a graphical way of representing unstructured or structured data in which finding the relationship between various data points (or entities) is important.

Graphs help establish relationships between different concepts and how they are visually interconnected. This interconnectivity helps in gaining new insights from the available data which can lead to new discoveries, different perspectives in analytics tasks, and provide valuable information for predictive pipelines.

Unlike a regular database that gets populated and remains dormant in its lifecycle, knowledge graphs are highly dynamic in nature. As new data arrives, the knowledge graphs can restructure themselves to provide new insights and information.

About the Author:

François Scharffe is a world-renowned knowledge engineering expert with a track record of improving data management in organizations. He acts as a practitioner leading implementation efforts, as a strategist providing advice, and as an evangelist.

He has worked as a lecturer and researcher, most recently at Columbia University, and has led knowledge engineering teams, most recently at Jefferies. François is a co-founder of the Knowledge Graph Conference.

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