Why Your PostgreSQL Databases Should Live on Amazon Aurora

PostgreSQL is an incredibly reliable open-source database technology that continues to grow in popularity with its users whether its supporting enterprise-grade workloads and commercial databases. It’s flexible, you can use it for SQL and NoSQL workloads, and has high availability. On-premises PostgreSQL deployments make it difficult to harness the true potential of these databases.

Migrating PostgreSQL to a cloud platform like Amazon Aurora can deliver a host of benefits including increased flexibility, greater capacity, improved security and automation to start. It also requires a thorough understanding of your current on-premises databases, your application requirements, your database migration goals, and your technical resources. 

Download Datavail’s white paper to discover why your PostgreSQL database should live on Amazon Aurora and learn:

  • A brief overview of AWS & Amazon Aurora
  • 15 benefits of an Amazon Aurora migration
  • What should organizations know before migrating PostgreSQL to Amazon Aurora
  • Best practices & use case scenarios for a migration

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