Your Complete Guide to Dataware

Have you heard about Dataware?

If you have anything to do with managing or using data at your organization, you need to!

Imagine, ALL your enterprise data acting as a collaborative network, ABLE to place relevant data in and out of ANY application as needed, made available to ANY person as needed.

Now imagine how much easier your life would be and how much better your business would perform in this state.

Sounds like a dream right? Well it’s not.

It’s a reality of today and it’s all possible with a dataware platform.

Discover why Dataware is different from other enterprise data solutions and how a dataware platform will improve your IT capacity, dramatically cut IT costs and bring true collaboration to your business. In this eBook, learn how Cinchy’s Dataware Platform will:

  • Eliminate the need and cost for data integration every time you buy or build applications.
  • Liberate your data so that it is none of it is tied to specific applications or vendors
  • Allow you to manage data as a federated network getting the data to wherever it's needed, to whomever it's needed.

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