eBook: Top 10 principles of a cloud backup service

New cloud offerings are coming to market every day, and there are a number of fundamental principles that you should use to evaluate their appropriateness for your particular enterprise and applications. However, not all services are built to the same standards, nor will they necessarily meet your needs.

This eBook will help you understand the top ten principles of a cloud backup service, so you can make an informed decision by applying the following cloud-first principles:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of data protection, lower TCO by up to 50%
  • Maximize storage efficiencies with best-in-class deduplication
  • Accelerate and protect cloud projects, increase agility with on-demand scale
  • Defend against ransomware attacks and meet data compliance requirements

Discover the primary principles of a cloud backup service that any organization should consider when seeking out a cloud data protection solution.

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