Eldad Farkash

Founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Eldad Farkash started his career in Business Intelligence while developing at age 16 at Gilon Systems, Israel’s largest Database Integrator. While working early on MDX compilers, Eldad envisioned a future where columnar in-memory databases would become pervasive. He recognized the evolution of hardware and understood that it would change the way BI could be architected, away from OLTP, OLAP or traditional in-memory. This thinking is at the genesis of Sisense’s unique technology. Eldad and his team of Data Scientists, Hardware and Software engineers focus on Sisense’s mission: Making Business Intelligence a Reality for Everyone. Eldad dedicates his engineering depth and passion for world-class user experience (UX) to building leading edge solutions for all types of data, from On-Premises to Cloud Databases and Hadoop. Eldad won the World Technology Award for his invention of In-Chip analytics.

Data Summit 2015