2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Aerospike

AerospikeView from the Top by Brian Bulkowski Co-Founder and CTO Aerospike

The demands of digital business, and, in particular, the need to respond in real time to business moments, are greater than ever before. As a result, businesses are responding with new Systems of Engagement (SoEs) to drive hyper-personalization, real-time decisions, fraud and risk assessment, customer service and more.

Conventional architecture and last-decade databases can no longer delight buyers and sellers at “the speed of now.” These new systems require a new architecture: one that can handle Internet-scale volumes of current data, provide decisions at millisecond speeds, and lighten the operational load.

This new architecture calls for a new breed of database: the Aerospike database.
Aerospike is the only database that reliably handles the demands of SoE architecture to unlock business moments. Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture combines solid-state drives (SSD) and DRAM to achieve the sustained performance that SoEs require—with a significantly smaller footprint. Aerospike’s Smart Client™ technology automatically handles complex database processes so developers and operations staff can focus on the business, not administration.

Designed to unlock business moments, the Aerospike database is successfully meeting the challenges of the most demanding digital economy players in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing, Ad Tech, eCommerce, Gaming, Oil and Gas, Media and Publishing.

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