2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Datavail

DatavailView from the Top by Eric Russo, Senior Vice President of Database Services

Which type of DBA are you?

Although DBAs, at a high level, are tasked with managing and assuring the efficiency of database systems, there are many different types of DBAs. There are specialty DBAs and general-purpose DBAs. Truly, the job of DBA encompasses many roles.

Some organizations choose to split DBA responsibilities into separate jobs. Of course, this occurs most frequently in larger organizations, because smaller organizations often cannot afford the luxury of having multiple specialty DBAs.

Some companies simply hire DBAs to perform all the tasks required to design, create, document, tune, and maintain the organization’s data, databases, and database management systems.

A system DBA focuses on technical rather than business issues, primarily in the system administration area. Some organizations create a separate position, database architect, for design and implementation of new databases. In direct contrast to the system DBA is the application DBA. The application DBA focuses on database design and the ongoing support and administration of databases for a specific application or applications. Organizations that implement data warehouses for performing in-depth data analysis often staff DBAs specifically to monitor and support the data warehouse environment.

Though the role of the DBA can come in many different forms, most DBAs—generalists and specialists alike—are overwhelmed with emergencies, overnight requests, and 24x7 work requirements. Take our assessment today to find out how Datavail can give you back your life and enable you to focus on the most important strategic projects and initiatives.