2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Datical

DaticalVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Derek Hutson, President & CEO

Software is reshaping all industries—from healthcare to finance to retail and beyond. The pace of change is accelerating, and companies must master their applications in order to survive in the digital era. In the software economy, innovation and speed is the new standard.

To achieve their goals of faster time-to-market, companies continue adopting faster, more iterative development methodologies to be able to change and adapt more quickly. They have replaced age-old waterfall development methodologies with agile practices. From an infrastructure perspective, they have also invested in modern architectures and cloud technologies to achieve higher efficiencies. Some companies have combined these two approaches by adopting DevOps—investing in new tools and processes such as IT automation and continuous integration—to clock even faster speeds.

As companies have adopted automation to help increase the pace of software delivery, a new constraint has emerged: the database. The database has long been a unique, separate discipline, not part of the DevOps tool chain. In fact, most companies—even those using the latest DevOps automation tools—are still managing and deploying database changes manually, anchoring development teams. Put differently, most organizations attempt to support modern, agile development environments with decades-old database management processes—the result can be likened to mounting a modern Ferrari on Model T tires. It’s a great way to get nowhere fast.

That’s why Datical developed our flagship offering Datical DB. Our database release automation solution is designed to break the application release logjam created by today’s manual database deployment processes. In addition, Datical offers a great opportunity to improve productivity and performance, allowing development, test and DBA staff to focus on more important projects and initiatives. Database release automation also helps to eliminate otherwise unavoidable incidents of human error, while increasing data security and application performance and reliability. Put simply, database release automation from Datical helps speed the delivery of better performing applications into production faster, more safely and with greater reliability.

The team behind Datical has been pioneering database and application deployment evolution for more than a decade. We are strategically guiding some of the world’s most admired companies through their database deployment modernization efforts and welcome the opportunity to help your company deliver business innovation through database automation.