2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Kore Technologies

KoreVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Are the First Amendment rights of your antiquated ERP system being suppressed? New applications are popping up everywhere and bullying us into a new software paradigm once again. These youngster applications live in the cloud and nobody seems to care what database or language they use. But amidst the chaos, these applications talk to each another just fine. They only care about the services they perform within the overall value-chain of doing business whether it’s verifying an address, computing sales tax, estimating freight or authorizing payment.

But what about your backbone ERP system that still runs the business today? Doesn’t it have the right to speak and adapt to this brave new plug-n-play world? After all, somewhere in the value chain there must be orders placed, PO’s cut, work orders scheduled, etc.

Well, Kore will not stand by and let your ERP system be intimidated any longer. For the last 18 years, we’ve specialized in best-in-class integration and shifts in the paradigm are no match for our Kourier Integrator Data Management Suite. We now offer the latest in RESTful Web Services (REpresentational State Transfer) for real-time data integration with third-party applications. Your ERP system can publish its own modern API to the cloud and securely expose the core services you provide within the value-chain. You can also take advantage of the many services available today and improve your legacy application.

If your hardware infrastructure is also showing its age, we can help you migrate your entire ERP to the cloud too. Don’t be silenced anymore. Call Kore Technologies today!

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