2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: MapR Technologies

MapRVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Anoop Dawar, Vice President of Product Marketing

It is time for a cloud-scale data fabric

Data is the lifeblood of your business and a competitive imperative. Major impediments keep organizations from taking full advantage of their data, but new technology is now making possible the creation of a modern global data fabric that radically modernizes an organizations data management strategy while also unlocking business value to drive transformation. MapR has a unique vision and technology to create such a data fabric while also operationalizing the data for business impact. The new challenges are centered around explosive growth in unstructured data across edge locations (IoT or otherwise), on-premises and multiple cloud. This diversity of data types and locations is causing new silos to appear for specific kinds of data and processing and creating islands of insights that are not amenable for operational real-time use. Without a mechanism to collect, analyze and apply the results to operational systems, much of the value is lost. Legacy solutions do not have the scale or cost efficiencies needed today. Cloud storage, while cost effective in some cases, tends to have high latencies and can lead to surprisingly high costs when data needs to be available always or requires movement. Big data solutions like Hadoop/NoSQL have reliability and scalability challenges that eliminate these from being “systems of record” with dependable SLAs. MapR, working for many years with global leaders, has perfected a Converged Data Platform that is proven in mission critical applications. Fortune 100 customers have made it the basis for creating large-scale global data fabrics on which a broad range of data, analytics and operational applications will increasingly be deployed.