2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Melissa Global Intelligance

MelissaVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Ray Melissa, CEO

Data Quality & Data Integration Go Together Like Macaroni & Cheese

As enterprises continue to take in more data from more sources and use it in more ways than ever, data quality is both difficult and crucial. That’s why Melissa Global Intelligence makes it data quality easy by building our solutions right into leading data integration platforms like SQL Server, Pentaho, Talend and our own customer data management platform Contact Zone.

Contact Zone brings all of your data quality and data integration tasks under one centralized hub – so you can put your customers at the center of your analytics and marketing strategy. From measuring and monitoring to cleaning, enriching, updating, and more, Contact Zone offers capabilities far beyond other standalone software.

Its intuitive drag-and-drop data integration is coupled with data agnostic connectivity spanning flat files and RDMBS, Hadoop, and more. Compile big data blends at the source, stream them directly for the most accurate analytics, and eliminate the need for manual programming and scripting entirely.

No matter which data integration platform you choose, Contact Zone, SQL Server, Pentaho or Talend, it’s easy to jump start your data quality initiatives with Melissa’s Full Spectrum Data Quality which includes components that:

  • Profile and monitors your data to identify weak points
  • Cleanse, parse, and standardize data to solve a wide range of errors and inconsistencies
  • Verify global identity, postal addresses, phone numbers, and emails for improved sales and marketing
  • Utilize powerful fuzzy matching algorithms to consolidate records for a single view of the customer
  • Enrich records with comprehensive demographics, geographics, IP address location and missing contact elements

With Melissa data quality and your choice of data integration, you are empowered to implement a comprehensive, full-lifecycle approach to maintain data quality, both upstream and downstream. 

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