2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Objectivity

ObjectivityVIEW FROM THE TOP BY John J. Jarrell, CEO

Objectivity has been powering analytics and relationship discovery in some of the most demanding, complex, operational systems within manufacturing plant operations, medical equipment, building control systems, oil and gas exploration, avionics design, and defense and intelligence organizations for decades. It is critical that these systems capture information from many different sources in order to make decisions in near real-time. This can get very difficult when integrating multiple disparate data sources and in different formats with new data continuously streaming into the application. Objectivity thrives on handling the large scale and demanding performance requirements of these operational systems. The core technology was built to handle complex data models with numerous relationships in order to find patterns and connections in the data.

Objectivity’s newest product, ThingSpan, is an enterprise graph analytics platform that integrates with open source technologies such as Spark, Kafka, HDFS, YARN, etc. ThingSpan enables enterprises to find unknown connections in real-time across Big and Fast Data clusters with large distributed graphs consisting of trillions of nodes and edges. Many applications require a technology that can handle complexities and data ingest from multiple sources to gain value in seconds, not hours or days. ThingSpan can ingest streaming data at rates exceeding billions of events per day and creates the connections upon ingest so the graph is “alive” and can be queried at all times.  The ThingSpan platform provides data scientists and analysts with real-time analytics and performance for the most demanding enterprise decision support systems.