2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Pythian


Democratizing your data for business value

When an organization adopts a program of data democratization, it empowers non-technical business users by letting them access and interact with data without the need for technical help. The result: better decisions, smarter products and continual improvement and customization of the customer experience.

With the recent rise of better visualization tools, and with cloud storage and computing platforms helping us store and analyze at big data scale, democratizing data may only now be within reach. But to fully realize its benefits, you need to employ myriad skills to put the new enablers into place. And that’s the hard part. Putting the pieces together takes a multidisciplinary team with a range of business and technical skills to assemble and actualize your strategy.

To fully realize the promise of data democratization you need:

  • A modern data warehouse: A cloud-based or distributed data platform helps you more easily blend data from all sources—both internal and external—and efficiently loads, merges, and cleans data. 
  • Cloud storage and computing: The scalability and cost efficiency of cloud storage and computing makes analyzing today’s big data sets possible, and affordable.
  • Better tools: New visualization tools are intuitive enough to put data visualization and reporting in the hands of more business users, and data sandboxes in the hands of data scientists. 
  • A multidisciplinary team with full-stack cloud expertise, knowledge of business processes, experience in data analytics, visualization and governance.

But that’s just the technology side. You also need to connect the dots between the technology and the business value—whether that means getting a 360-degree view of your customers, helping marketing predict which customer segments to target, or optimizing the efficiency of your operations.

Pythian KICK Analytics As A Service (KICK AaaS) puts all of these elements together. It’s a fully-managed cloud-based solution that aggregates all your data to deliver the insights and data products that are specific to your needs. Find out more about Pythian Data Services.