2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Red Gate

Red GateVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Simon Galbraith, CEO and Co-Founder

As companies and organizations come to rely more on technology, software development is moving faster than ever. New features need to be released quicker, more data needs to be processed and analyzed, downtime has to be kept to an absolute minimum.

To meet those demands, software companies and IT departments are moving to a DevOps style of working, where the development and operations sides of the business collaborate and work together to develop and release applications more efficiently.

In fact, our often-quoted State of Database DevOps Survey revealed that 47% of companies and organizations have already adopted DevOps practices, and a further 33% plan to do so in the next two years.

But where does the database fit in? If the development of applications is speeding up, database development needs to match it. To resolve that issue, it’s now being recognized that the move to DevOps requires a similar shift for the database too. Including the database in the same DevOps style of working, preferably by integrating database development tools with those used in application development, is the key.

That’s quite a challenge, but at Redgate we’re researching and developing ways to make it possible with a portfolio of software products that enable Database DevOps. We’re also partnering with Microsoft by including our Database DevOps tools in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017, and providing extensions to Visual Studio Team Services.

The result? People are now spending less time talking about DevOps for the database and more time actually doing it.

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