2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: RedPoint

RedPointVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Dale Renner, CEO & Founder

It is commonly understood that customer engagement is one of the key foundational capabilities underpinning digital transformation today. It is also understood that the ability of an enterprise to effectively engage its customers is dependent on its ability to create and operationalize the most complete and accurate view of a customer and make it immediately available for use at every customer touchpoint. Customer data platforms (CDPs) are a new type of data platform required to operationalize all data about customers at the speed, accuracy, and depth required to effectively drive transformative levels of engagement.

The RedPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an operational data environment that ingests an enterprise’s data from all sources—whether batch or streaming, internal or external, structured or unstructured, transactional or demographic, and personal or general—that provides an always-on, always-updating golden record and makes it continually available at low latency to all touchpoints and users across the enterprise. With RedPoint, enterprises can link anonymous to known and individuals to households through persistent key management, probabilistic, deterministic and heuristic matching, data integration, data cleansing, and data quality capabilities. Our CDP provides native drivers to all major traditional databases and seamlessly works across environments, with certification on modern database technologies including Hadoop, NoSQL and others.

RedPoint’s CDP empowers brands with the insights and in-line analytics necessary to maximize the value of their customer data, enabling them to compete in a world where customers have become increasingly fickle; and the winners will be determined by their ability to sustain profitable revenue growth by being the most relevant to their customers.

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