2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Redis Labs

RedisVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Manish Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer

Redis Labs Logo

Redis Enterprise powers the most demanding modern applications

Consumers demand micro-customized experiences and the terms “real-time,” “instant gratification” and “on-demand” represent real expectations. Traditional technologies such as relational databases are not equipped to handle the influx of cloud-first unstructured big data. While still relevant for back-end systems (ERP, CRM), they’ve become archaic, stodgy, expensive and too slow for anxious developers creating transactions, analytics or hybrid solutions. The modern applications are based on a new software stack—the database approach has been re-imagined.

That’s where Redis Labs comes in.

Redis Labs is the home of open source Redis and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise. Redis Enterprise is available, both as a service in major public, private and hybrid clouds, as well as downloadable software, powering e-commerce, social, IoT, personalization, metering, fraud detection and other real-time applications. The high performance, true high availability and seamless scaling of Redis Enterprise supports use cases including high speed transactions, job & queue management, user session stores, real-time data ingest, notifications, content caching and time-series data. Redis, a database benchmarked as the world’s fastest, reduces application complexity, simplifies development, accelerates time to market and provides unprecedented flexibility to developers with its visionary data structures and modules.

Redis Labs, serving over 65,000 customers globally, is consistently ranked as a leader in top analyst reports on NoSQL, in-memory and operational databases. Redis has been rated the #1 cloud database, #1 database in Docker, #1 NoSQL datastore, fastest growing NoSQL database, and has been recognized as the most loved database by developers worldwide.