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 It’s Time to Modernize Your Master Data Management

Today’s data management landscape offers so much technology to choose from—data lakes, data warehouses, big data analytics, MDM and BI tools—but it is still hard for IT to deliver value to lines of business quickly. Legacy master data management (MDM) solutions have not delivered on their promises, leaving the business to search for answers on their own, using inaccurate and incomplete data.
A new generation of Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings are designed to establish a reliable data foundation with built-in MDM. It delivers MDM as a seamless, integral part of an overall data management platform that produces data-driven applications with relevant analytics and recommended actions for business users.

Modern Data Management PaaS characteristics include:

• MDM as a core, it delivers fast time to value with consumer-grade data-driven applications.
• Big data scale, with a commercial graph to uncover relationships between people, products, and places.
• Integrated Data as a Service (DaaS), with third-party data available on-demand.
• Collaborative data curation with required security and governance.
• Predictive analytics and machine learning for informed decision management
• Multi-tenant Cloud with no impact upgrades and immediate access to new technology.

Ultimately, a Modern Data Management PaaS must deliver business applications with reliable data, role-based guided assistance to users and ease of use, similar to consumer applications, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Evolving to the next generation PaaS and data-driven apps is easier than you think. Visit to see how to get to Modern Data Management.