2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Revelation Software

RevelationVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Mike Ruane, President and CEO

As we roll out our OpenInsight 10.0 product, we’re keenly aware of the need to help our customers future-proof their applications. We see two major needs here: the platforms our software runs on, and the look and feel of those applications.

We continue to ensure that we run on the latest Windows-based servers, Windows desktop versions, browsers, and handheld devices. And soon, we’ll resume our support on Linux-based servers. As the vendors, both Microsoft and others, continue to update and release new platforms, we will continue to support them. 

Users have now come to expect their applications to have an intuitive look and feel, whether running on the desktop, in a browser, or on a handheld device. We are doing all we can to ensure that their Revelation-based applications will fulfill their needs, and it doesn’t matter if they’re using our own MultiValue database, or any of the other MultiValue, SQL, or cloud-based back ends. Our OpenInsight 10.0 has a look and feel that appeals to IT graduates coming out of school, having been taught how to work with today’s modern development tools. It also has the ability to let the more experienced developers in the MultiValue world use the green screen, terminal emulation look and feel, should they want to. 

At Revelation Software, we don’t know what all the questions will be. But if you’re a MultiValue developer or VAR, and are looking for a responsive company, continually enhancing and augmenting their tools and capabilities, that will help you leverage your existing knowledge and expertise, and will let you extend the lifespan of your applications,  we have good answers for you. Give us and OpenInsight a try.


Mike Ruane, President and CEO