2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: TmaxSoft Inc.

TmaxSoftVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Joshua Yulish, CEO & President

About TmaxSoft

As a global software innovator, TmaxSoft provides cloud, infrastructure, and legacy modernization solutions offering CIOs viable alternatives to support their dynamic datacenters and drive a competitive advantage for today’s digital businesses. TmaxSoft solutions deliver superior performance, customization and an unmatched flexible license policy that dramatically lowers TCO.

Tibero, TmaxSoft’s enterprise SQL database, provides the data security, data resiliency and RDBMS compatibility necessary for large scale enterprise applications. This nimble application is especially suited for IoT deployments where having a powerful database at the edge is crucial. It has proven to be a more reliable replacement for expensive database applications.

For companies that need to modernize their legacy systems, TmaxSoft offers OpenFrame, a market-leading mainframe modernization solution that re-hosts mainframe COBOL or Assembler applications on cloud-ready x86 architectures running LINUX/UNIX. This legacy re-hosting solution enables mainframe applications, resources and data to be migrated to high performance open or cloud systems while reducing TCO and minimizing risk.

Finally, JEUS is TmaxSoft’s powerful and secure middleware product. It is the first Web Application Server to be J2EE 1.4, JAVA EE 5, and JAVA EE 6 certified.

Founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1997, TmaxSoft has more than 1,000 employees in 20 strategic centers around the world. In a reflection of the company’s global status, TmaxSoft relocated its headquarters to Chicago in 2016. TmaxSoft was recently named a PwC and IDC Top 30 Emerging Market Software Company, and will hold its inaugural Transcend Summit, an industry event showcasing the company’s newest disruptive solutions, later this year.