2017 VIEW FROM THE TOP: erwin Inc.

erwinVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Adam Famularo, CEO

erwin Inc., The Data Management Experts

erwin has been the most trusted name in data modeling for 30 years. As a stand-alone company since 2016, we’ve expanded our solutions to provide the only unified data management platform that includes data and business process modeling, enterprise architecture, data governance and collaboration.

The erwin Data Management Platform brings together structured and unstructured data, whether it’s on premise or in the cloud, so you can build powerful yet intuitive models and architectures across your systems. With visual models, you can see where and how data is being used throughout your organization—in context—and identify applications, processes and technologies that will be directly impacted by changes to the data design.

Most important, the erwin platform facilitates collaboration and sharing of high-quality data among all stakeholders. Collaboration also includes the ability for integration with other data management products. The modular design of the erwin Data Management Platform enables your organization to plug in based on your immediate needs and most critical digital transformation goals. 

We know digital transformation is both a huge opportunity and massive challenge, but you can’t afford not to adopt data as a strategic asset. We’ll help you become a data-driven enterprise to unleash your true potential and profits by:

  • Providing a model-driven foundation for enhanced quality and governance
  • Connecting both technical and business stakeholders to any data from anywhere for greater collaboration, fluency and accountability
  • Breaking down silos with a single, unified approach for modeling and management across the business.

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