2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Accenture

View from the Top by Kamran Khan, Managing Director

Accenture is honored to be recognized for the 2018 DBTA 100. With open source on the rise, an evergrowing amount of structured and unstructured data, and the need for organizations to do complex analytics, search has become an integral part of the big data revolution. As the Content Analytics Group within Accenture Applied Intelligence, we solve complex data retrieval problems by implementing search-enabled big data applications. We believe that search engines and big data go together so well that you really should never have one without the other, and here is why:

You need to find things:
No matter how much data you have or where it sits, you have to search it to get insight. Search engines and their indices are a fast and flexible way to access all types of data—structured and unstructured.

Search can drive analytics:
Most organizations need to analyze data for business intelligence or business analytics. By using a search index, search engines can analyze billions of records in milliseconds, often faster than traditional BI and analytics tools. Paired with visualization and reporting tools, search engine queries can be used to generate dashboards and business reports or be used for exploratory analysis, online responsive analysis, and self-service analytics in a userfriendly interface.

Stitching your data together:
Companies often build data lakes to offload costs from expensive data warehouses. But the real value comes from stitching structured and unstructured data together from disparate sources. Millions of files, folders, records and transactions—spread throughout hundreds of systems— can be put into a schema-less repository which democratizes secure data access while enabling new analytics use cases.