2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Collibra

View from the Top by Felix Van de Maele, CEO

I’m excited and honored to be recognized for the DBTA 100 2018 award. Collibra was created to rethink the boundaries of what data could do for business. To be recognized as one of the top companies that “matter in data” offers strong validation for what we at Collibra initially set out to do: to give data leaders everywhere a data governance solution for building a holistic data ecosystem of software, processes, people, and information so they can provide data that works for everyone.

Data governance, at a very high level, brings order to the data chaos that exists in organizations today due to the explosion of data driven from digital transformation, including AI and IoT, and the shift to self-service BI and analytics. Collibra helps organizations better manage the data chaos through true data governance.

The Collibra Data Governance and Catalog solution breaks down traditional data silos and opens up organizational data so all “data citizens” can find the data they need, collaborate on it, and easily understand its meaning. Most of all, Collibra enables organizations to trust their data; having trust in the data is what unlocks its full potential for competitive advantage.

With Collibra, we have created the industry’s first technology-enabled data governance platform built from the ground up to address the challenges of global businesses. The Collibra data governance platform helps hundreds of organizations across the globe in industries, including financial services, retail, healthcare, education, technology, government and others, to become truly data-driven enterprises.