2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Denodo Technologies

View from the Top By Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer

Companies are rapidly embracing big data and cloud solutions, to improve intelligence while gaining efficiency and cutting costs. Because data from these modern sources needs to be integrated with the data from on-premises sources, many companies are centralizing the data in monolithic data lakes. However, such an approach has failed over the years, because though the data now exists in an uber repository, it is still replicated, and this results in an inefficient data architecture. Over time, this approach has proven to introduce too much latency into data delivery, it has proven to be prohibitively costly, and has proven to deliver only the minimum of a company’s potential intelligence to business analysts.

Data virtualization enables companies to gain all the advantages from big data, cloud, and other modern technologies by providing seamless real-time integration between highly disparate data types, including cloud and on-premises sources, and structured and unstructured sources. Rather than replicating data, data virtualization creates real-time, integrated views of the data, leaving the source data exactly where it is. It can then deliver the integrated data to mobile and desktop applications and portals, also in real time. This approach accelerates data access and cuts costs, all while delivering a company’s maximum available intelligence to business users.

Denodo has led the data virtualization market for many years, and the Denodo Platform has set the bar for performance and features. The latest version, Denodo Platform 7.0, boosts performance by adding support for in-memory massive parallel processing (MPP) capabilities. Denodo Platform 7.0 includes a data catalog that enables business users to easily search for and find data while tracing the full lineage, associations, and relationships among the different entities. Denodo Platform 7.0 is available as a Docker container, in addition to being available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure marketplaces for seamless cloud deployment.