2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Empolis Information Management GmbH

View From the Top by Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

Most information is present in an unstructured form in documents, e-mails, books, or the web.

There are few tools and hardly any specialists dedicated to putting this information into a form useful for applications and analyses. Valuable information therefore remains unused when important decisions are made.

In our Empolis solutions, we have consistently been engaged in supplying information critical to decision-making based on unstructured text. This expertise has been bundled as an independent product in Empolis Smart Data Labs.

Empolis Smart Data Labs extracts structured data from unstructured text, and this data can then immediately be processed further in any analytics stack or integrated into existing applications.

We extract this information using state-of-the-art methods and tools: deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing, in combination with traditional methods of information retrieval, knowledge modeling, and rule-based procedures—all encapsulated in easy-to-use APIs.

You decide whether you will operate the solution yourself or instead have your data processed in our cloud.

Empolis provides solutions that enable companies and organizations to analyze, interpret, and automatically process the rapidly growing amount of structured and unstructured data. They utilize their knowledge capital to improve enterprise-critical business processes enabling decision-makers, employees, and customers to reliably receive precise and relevant information, situation-appropriate and task-relevant, for faster and better decisions: DECIDE. RIGHT. NOW.

Empolis Information Management GmbH