2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Percona

View from the top by Peter Zaitsev, CEO & Co-Founder

Percona knows that enterprises must be agile to accommodate changing goals, markets and customer needs. Your company’s database is crucial to your enterprise success. If your database goes down, so does your business. Database infrastructure and management is the last thing that you want to worry about when pivoting to address new business requirements.

Open source databases are now an established way for businesses to cost-effectively manage data—and Percona is the expert in open source database services and software.

Using more than one database? Percona is the only database services provider for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. On-premises? In the cloud? Both? We have partnerships with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Percona is the champion of unbiased open source database solutions, and provides the best solution for our customers regardless of their database architecture or platform. As a single, trusted advisor, Percona can contain costs and maximize ROI by recommending the right solution for your specific needs.

Since 2006, we’ve assisted some of the biggest names on the internet. With over 3000 Consulting, Support, and Managed Services clients, we’ve addressed more varied database architecture, infrastructure, management and maintenance needs than any other database services company. We make sure our customers’ applications and websites remain optimized, available and consistent.

However and wherever you use your database, our enterprise-class support services makes it easier for you to focus on business performance, knowing Percona experts can help optimize, architect, and maintain your environment so that your applications and websites perform well and meet your customers’ expectations.