2018 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Reltio

View from the Top by Ajay Khanna, VP of Marketing

The self-learning era is here. Companies that take advantage and know how to harness their data and learn from it can lead their industries with new revenue models, innovative business processes, faster compliance, and more effective customer engagement.

Here are the five tenets of becoming a self-learning enterprise:

1. Make data the heart of every decision. Recognize data as a competitive advantage and allow it to drive every business decision.

2. Organize data of all types and from all sources. Collect and organize data from all internal, external, social, and third-party sources. Uncover relationships among people, organizations, products, and locations. Implement a Self-Learning Data Platform that can correlate various forms and types of data, creating a complete picture to help users make the right decisions at the right time.

3. Unify data sets to deliver personalized views. Leverage unified data sets to create a consistent single source of truth across applications, systems, and functional groups. Use data-driven applications that are personalized, contextual, and provide the most relevant information to all users, stemming from the same consistent data foundation.

4. Infuse analytics into every business process. Bring together all the data you need for analytics and machine learning in one place, and make it accessible to analytics and data science teams in real-time. Having a reliable data foundation that guarantees analytics are effective must be the in the DNA of a self-learning enterprise.

5. Continuously learn about customers, products, and their relationships. Correlate and measure insights and recommendations with outcomes through a closed-loop cycle. This will help users continuously learn about and improve the data.

The journey to becoming a self-learning enterprise follows an evolutionary path, starting with continuous data organization, leveraging advanced analytics and recommended actions, and then measuring and improving business outcomes. Now businesses can harness the power of data to take advantage of shifting trends and unexpected market opportunities.

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